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Civil Recovery & Restitution

Civil Recovery and Restitution

The apprehension of a dishonest employee, shoplifter or fraudulent activity will prevent future losses from occurring. Apprehension alone however, will not recover the losses already taken by the fraudulent act of dishonesty.

A proper loss prevention program includes a well structured restitution program, designed to recovery your losses without excessive efforts to your company. Not having a theft resolution or recovery program in place only means you leave dollars left behind.

LPI has partnered with Palmer, Reifler & Associates to provide our clients with the best approach to their restitution, civil demand and recovery needs.

Palmer, Reifler & Associates is a law firm specializing in restitution and civil recovery programs for retailers or all segments. Working with many of the leading retailers, food service, grocery and other industry best, they have the capability to provide not only restitution services, but to also utilize the laws of civil recovery to bring back losses caused by theft or fraud.

Why Use a Recovery Firm?

Some retailers attempt to collect funds through an in-house recovery system, usually supported as a part-time job function. However, as most retailers have seen, the longer the recovery effort takes, the more difficult it is to recoup the funds. Former employees change addresses, no longer pay restitution or the person responsible for restitution recovery gets too busy with other job functions, and can't maintain a level of commitment to recovery efforts.

In addition to resource constraints, the benefits of civil demand laws are often not applied in an in-house recovery program. Civil recovery laws allow a retailer to legally ask for more dollars above the actual loss to support recovery efforts and other considered costs. Each state has different civil recovery laws and most often internal recovery efforts lack the knowledge or the resources necessary to pursue these additional recoveries.

By implementing a recovery service, retailers are provided with an established means and process in their recovery efforts, and normally experience an increase in their recovered funds.

Contact Palmer, Reifler & Associates to learn more about the benefits of civil recovery and restitution.

If you are an existing LP Client and want to learn more about how LPI can assist your in your recovery efforts, contact us.




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