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Pre-employment Background Screening

Background Screening

A good loss prevention program starts with good associates. As often as we talk about the need to continue the training and awareness of your associates throughout their employment, it is in the initial recruiting process where a good associate (or future bad associate) is identified.

The hiring process has several steps to vetting out an ideal candidate. Poor hiring decisions most certainly have a negative impact on sales, decrease morale and in many cases result in theft or misconduct. With employee theft continuing as the largest contributor to a retail company's annual loss and occurrences of workplace violence in the news more and more often, how can a retailer find that employee who will be an asset rather than a detriment to their organization?

LPI's Background Screening solutions are specifically designed for the retail, food service, grocery and convenience store industries. With our knowledge and experience in these industries, we offer a variety of screening service options.  These screening service options can be used individually, built into a custom offering specific to your business, or you can choose a pre-designed screening package specific to the position(s) within your organization.

LPI Background Screening Solutions are specifically designed for the retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience store and other consumer-facing industries. Online technologies, custom screening packages based on position and roles and cost-effective pricing are the key ingredients in our screening program.

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Our Screening Offerings include;



Store Management Screening Packages

Keyholder & Associate Screening Packages

Field & Corporate Level Screening Packages

National Retail Theft Database (NRMA)


KwikScreen National Criminal Database

Containing Over 400 Million Records

Sex Offender Checks in all 50 states,

DC, Guam & Puerto Rico

National Government & Terrorist


Motor Vehicle Records

Credit Reports

Identity Validations (SSN Verification,

Name & Address History Search)


Criminal History Searches

(County, State, Federal)

Verifications (Employment, Education,

Military, License/Certification)

Reference Checks (Professional,


Workers' Compensation


Adverse Action Services

Industry-Specific Screening Solutions

Employment Eligibility Verifications (post-hire)

Electronic Form I-9 Solutions

Full-Service Integration Capabilities

Integrated Drug Testing

Vendor Screening Programs

Online Criminal Monitoring


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