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The LPI Team of Experts

Our People

We believe the people who deliver your program are as important as the program itself. LPI’s nationwide team of loss prevention managers, auditors, analysts, and client services managers are all LPI employees.

We have 100 full-time associates dedicated to delivering day-to-day services to our clients.  Our associates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, which provides our clients with a great breadth of knowledge and experience. Each associate completes a rigorous training program and is closely supervised throughout his or her LPI tenure.

We believe that to deliver the best service with the best results LPI associates must focus on a specific core function. Therefore, Regional Loss Prevention Managers primarily conduct training and assist in the resolution of specific issues and incidents, Regional Auditors focus on auditing, Analysts perform exception reviews and Client Managers focus on program development and management. By assigning our service offerings to team specialists, we can ensure thoroughness and effectiveness in completion.

LPI provides associates with the most up to date training and certifications and promotes associate education. Our staff of professionals hold a variety of certifications and licenses including:  

  • Wicklander- Zulawski & Associates Interview and Interrogation
  • Certified Forensic Interviewing
  • Certified Fraud Examination
  • Food and Safety
  • Certified Protection Professional (American Society of Industrial Security)

The strength of our team is in their experience, knowledge, and dedication to results and uncompromising customer service. This strength results in a unique program that provides our clients with services, field staff and resources that gets results.

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