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Target and High Loss Locations

Reduce Loss with a Targeted Approach

In every company, there are those groups of stores whose shrink or loss performance affects the overall chain performance. Reducing the losses in these locations require a specific approach, one often referred to as a Target Store. The overall goal of a Target Store Program is to;

  • Find the root cause of why the losses are occurring in each specific high loss location
  • Correct any issues pertaining to theft, error, compliance or systemic concerns
  • Properly train and educate store associates to ensure improved future inventory results

Our Target Store or High Loss approach is developed based on five (5) key steps to improving high loss locations. These steps include;


  • Properly Identifying those locations that when resolved make the biggest impact to your overall results
  • Developing a structured program that includes the necessary elements and appropriate resources to resolve loss
  • Executing the program utilizing our nationwide team of experienced personel and proven practices, providing our clients with the right resources and expertise
  • Accurately Measuring the results to determine the root cause of loss, which leads to the proper Educating of associates as to why losses occurred and how to prevent future losses in each location.


Designed specifically to work within your current environment, LPI takes a proven approach to work with your team to develop and execute a program focused in improving inventory results, thereby improving your overall profit opportunities.


LPI provides target store programs within our complete loss prevention solution or as a standalone solution to support an existing LP department. 




Contact us to discuss your current high loss areas, target markets and ways LPI can help you to reduce loss in high shrink locations or high shrink markets.

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