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Loss Prevention for Financial Lenders

Protection Your Collateral and Investment

Protect your collateral with LP Innovations. Inventory preservation plays an important role for a financial lender. The funds provided to retailers are often collateralized by inventory and assets. Losses against this inventory has a direct impact on sales, which in turn reduce profitability.


LPI's financial lending solutions provide Asset-Based Lenders, Private Equity Groups and Liquidators the ability to utilize professionals and experts in the assessment of inventory protection programs. Through a variety of our trusted solutions, LPI can provide comprehensive solutions to protect against loss and profit erosion.


Inventory Protection Programs


Inventory preservation plays an important role in a troubled retail environment. Your loan is collateralized by inventory that is being stolen, damaging the value of your loan. We provide lenders with a comprehensive and intensive solution  focusing on high visibility and inventory protection for your retail locations and distribution centers. We analyze business operations throughout the period of operational risk and protect against internal theft and profit erosion.


Loss Prevention Assessments


Our Loss Prevention Assessment is a quick and non-obtrusive measurement into the areas of a business specific to loss prevention and the overall protection of profits. Designed specifically to support financial lenders, the value of this assessment is to ensure you are lending to a retailer that understands inventory protection and has the key elements in place to protect it. The assessment focuses on measurements across the organization and focuses on the physical protection, asset protection and loss prevention areas of the inventory.


Liquidation Solutions


Our Inventory Protection and Assessment programs are also designed to support liquidation services. Unfortunately, store and business closures mean displaced associates which often result in the lack of policy compliance and concerns over inventory protection. Our programs provide increased store visibility, compliance review and the reassurance of a loss prevention presence. When necessary, theft resolution is available to make certain inventory is not lost to theft.


Contact us to learn more about these financial lending solutions and how LPI provides value to the financial community.

When it comes to making a sound investment, understanding what that retailer does to prevent inventory loss or shrink is important.

What are they doing to prevent the possibility of losses from occurring? They may not have losses now, but are they in a position to quickly detect a loss in the future?

Let LPI support your financial investment with one of our assessment programs. Contact us today to discuss how we currently support financial lenders.



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