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Restaurant Loss Prevention

Restaurant Loss Prevention

Maintaining a successful food service location is not an easy task. Unlike most traditional retail outlets, a food service establishment has to be prepared to face challenges daily. These challenges can greatly affect sales, profitability and reputation.

When it comes to protecting your profitability, the best restaurant establishments are those that commit to a holistic loss prevention program, focusing on the key areas that can cause increased food costs and overall losses to each location.

Where do most restaurants and food service establishments lose profitability? (click each topic to learn more)

A restaurant's success is highly dependent on the ability to control certain areas that can affect profitability.  Those most successful focuses on the key areas (above), measures and analyzes their results, and utilizes the right resources to execute each element of their program.

Our team believes in building a program that fits your needs, implementing a program that fits your culture and executing a program that fits your overall objective to improve your profits by reducing loss and costs.

We are proud of our success in the food service industry and look forward to discuss with you how we can help your business succeed.

We invite you to explore our website, download our eBooks and materials and learn more about LPI and how together we may help you.




Our proven restaurant solutions are being used today by leading restaurants across various segments that include:

Food Entertainment
Bar and Beverage
Table Service Restaurants
Franchise & Royalty Assurance Programs
Fast Casual and Quick Serve Environments


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