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Loss Prevention Solutions

Loss Prevention Solutions Overview

Not certain which is the correct loss prevention solution? LPI does not fit your company into our program; we fit our program into your company. It is a simple proposition: discuss your challenges, understand your goals, respect your culture and then design a program that fits and gets results.


Whether your company is large or small, national or regional, with or without a loss prevention team, LPI has the programs and field resources to stay with you every step of the way to achieve your loss prevention goals.

Complete Loss Prevention Solutions

Our complete LP solution provides all the components of the most effective loss prevention programs. Developed specifically for your company's size, geographical disbursement, and challenges, we help you create a plan that works and provide the field and corporate resources to execute a successful program. LPI is the industry expert in providing complete loss prevention solutions and services.

Supporting an Existing LP Program

LPI's team of loss prevention professionals have over a decade of experience assisting existing loss prevention departments achieve their goals. We offer a number of services to supplement your existing loss prevention staff and to achieve your program objectives. Whether the need is to expand coverage, increase efforts in troubled markets, employ targeted services, or just provide breathing room to recruit additional staff, LPI can help.

Small Business Solutions

It is never too soon to build a culture of loss prevention. Many small retailers and owners believe they are too small to need a loss prevention program or that the costs are too high for their budgets. Regardless of size, LPI can provide a program that will help you build a solid loss prevention foundation. Our programs provide services that fit your size and budget. Learn more by following the above link and by reading our Loss Prevention 101 section on the home page.

Financial Lending Solutions

As experts in the assessment and execution of loss prevention programs, LPI provides solutions to assist private equity, asset-based lenders and liquidators in the protection of their financial investments. LPI has solutions that focus on the assessment of existing programs, compliance auditing and awareness to ensure the protection of inventory collateral.



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