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The Industry Speaks of LP Innovations success

LPI is often highlighted across various industry publications and media outlets through the success of their retail partners. Learn more about our trusted solutions and proven results through these industry articles. 


Criminal flash mobs pop up as new holiday risk

Business Insurance online (, December 11, 2012


Risk managers at retail organizations are focusing on safety and loss prevention protocols to address the recent trend of criminal flash mobs during the holiday season. David Johnston, Director of Business Development provides insight into the trend of theft happening in 2011.

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Holiday Shoplifting – The Dark Side of the Season

Yahoo! News (, November 16, 2011


'Tis the season for theft, which also makes it a great time to talk about loss prevention. This writer asked someone in the know about what should be done about holiday theft? That someone was Steven May, President and CEO of LP Innovations. 

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Safeguard your store against shoplifting (, November 16, 2011


They call it shrinkage: the way retail merchandise has a habit of disappearing between the time it is first ordered and the time the store conducts an inventory. While there are several factors that contribute to shrinkage, including packing mistakes and losses in transit, the two biggest causes are shoplifting and employee theft.  Steven May, President and CEO talks to small businesses about the importance of preventing employee theft through proper training, awareness and involvement.

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Evaluate and Motivate Employees through Mystery Shopping Program

Retail Merchandiser Magazine Online, November 2010

It's the holiday season. People are happy. Cheerful music is in the air. Stores are bustling with shoppers. And, most importantly for retailers, customers are digging deep into their wallets.But the busy holiday crunch can also mean exhausted and overwhelmed employees. It can be a challenge to keep them motivated during this busy time, but it's a challenge worth taking, as the service that employees deliver has a direct impact on customer perception of a brand. 

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Timberland sees decreased loss and increased compliance using LP Innovations 

Integrated Solutions for Retailers, June 2009

A lucrative LP program—one that reduces shrink and protects profits—can be expensive to maintain. Indeed, maintaining an operationally sound LP program demands consistent, accurate, and thorough review of policies and procedures. Yet, policies and procedures are difficult to uphold when your sparsely staffed internal LP team is tasked with overseeing several locations.




Treading Water: How Small Retailers Can Stay Afloat Until the Economy Turns Around

Build Your Business Radio

A radio interview with Ray Esposito, EVP of LP Innovations about loss prevention and the steps to preventing loss in any business environment. 

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Best Buy supplements their LP re-organization with outsourced partner

Integrated Solutions for Retailers, September 2008

Paul Stone, VP of loss prevention (LP) and risk management at Best Buy, looked to LP Innovations (LPI) to supplement its Atlanta market's LP team. LP Innovations' services, coupled with the retailer's existing team, enabled the retailer to maintain a shrink record of less than .5% of sales.






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