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Loss Prevention Whitepapers


Providing the LP Industry with Thought Leadership

The following are various whitepapers on retail and loss prevention authored by several members of our team. As industry leaders, LPI strives to make information available to the retail community to increase the awareness and education of loss prevention.


Criminal v. Control: Employee theft in Retail

Employee theft is by far the largest contributor to a retailer’s annual loss. This paper looks at certain theories, behaviors and thoughts on what makes the difference between an honest employee and a dishonest employee. READ MORE...


Will You Fall Victim to Organized Retail Crime?

ORC is a widely discussed topic across our industry and within the loss prevention community. Depending on what you read, statistics can be either alarming or confusing. The bottom line is to what extent will organized retail crime affect you as a small to mid-size retailer? This paper spells out the issue, the extent of the problem and how it may affect you. READ MORE...


Real Prevention Requires Real Help

To reach shrink goals, a company must enlist the help of every associate. Fostering a helping attitude among your associates will do more to prevent losses than relying solely on store management. This paper discusses how to approach your associates and building the stream of communication to make everyone part of the team. READ MORE...

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