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LP Solutions for the Independent Retailer

Small Business Loss Prevention


You are never too small to have loss. Losses due to theft and error do not only happen at the big box or nationwide retail chains. It can happen anywhere at anytime. The size, segment or type of retailer does not mean that losses may not occur. Small businesses are certainly not immune to theft.

LPI believes that all businesses should have a loss prevention culture. All associates within an organization should have an understanding of how loss occurs and the mthods of prevetning loss from occurring.


Our small business solutions can provide you with the tools to develop a culture of loss prevention. As your business grows, so can our solution to fit your needs. As a small business or independent operator you may not need the full breadth of our services. The fact that you have fewer stores does not limit your access to our experience, expertise and knowledge. We can help you become more profitable.

Some of our small business offerings include:

  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Consulting and Program Development
  • Franchisor LP Program Development & Royalty Assurance Programs

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According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, over 1/3 of small business bankruptcies were the result of an employee theft.

Lack of or non-compliance to policies and procedures are the main reasons for loss in a small business environment.

Employee education and awareness can greatly decrease the likelihood of loss in a business environment.

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