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Convenience Store LP Programs

Convenience Store Loss Prevention

With tight margins and a very competitive landscape, maintaining profitability as a c-store operator can be challenging. Maintaining proper inventory controls and focusing on the prevention of losses due to theft, errors and waste can often be a deciding factor on your profitability.

LPI provides a variety of solutions that help the convenience store industry whether your business is corporately owned or independently owned and operated.

Across our breadth of services, we can develop a c-store loss prevention solution that best fits your needs. Whether it is reducing the opportunities of loss, developing a loss prevention program or ensuring proper regulatory compliance through mystery shops, we can help.

Depending on your business structure, LPI can provide a variety of solutions:

  • For corporate-owned locations, we can provide complete loss prevention solutions or support an existing department in achieving their loss prevention goals.
  • For independent operators, our small business solutions focuses on those challenges unique to your business type, bringing large scale loss prevention knowledge to the smaller business environment.

Explore our website to learn more about our convenience store loss prevention services, solutions and proven results. To discuss your unique solution contact us today.

Contact LPI to learn how we can provide you with services and solutions designed to fit the convenience store industry.


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