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Pharmacy Loss Prevention Programs

Pharmacy Loss Prevention

Retail pharmacies face two unique loss prevention challenges. Similar to all businesses they must ensure their LP program educates associates, identifies risk, resolves incidents, and proactively reduces exposure and loss. In addition, federal and state government regulations require a high degree of diligence in the management of controlled substances.The language and requirements of the Controlled Substance Act require both expertise in aligning daily practices with the law and the ability to self-monitor these activities to avoid fines or license suspension.

The need for a dual approach places a considerable strain on the internal resources of the retail pharmacy. Placing the burden of pharmacy loss prevention compliance solely on the pharmacist or on an already stretched internal LP team creates an unacceptable level of financial risk to the company.

LPI’s pharmacy compliance and loss prevention program is a cost effective solution to the resource challenges of this dual function. Our expert consultation can help:

  • Identify compliance issues
  • Design an effective audit to reduce exposure
  • Provide a team of experienced auditors to monitor practices

In addition our expert staff can help identify the causes of loss and can assist in the resolution of pharmacy theft incidents.

Pharmacy Regulatory Audit Programs

Pharmacies bring a component of complexity to your audit program; maintaining the integrity of your pharmacy's compliance with various federal and state laws and regulations. Adherence to the Controlled Substance Act and DEA Regulations require strict compliance to how certain prescription and non-prescription substances are dispensed. A failure to comply can result in substantial fines, license suspension or worse. These issues affect your profitability, brand recognition and consumer respect.

LPI has a proven history of developing pharmacy regulatory audits designed to ensure that policies, guidelines and requirements are met. Our proprietary team of nationwide professionals provide an objective, third party approach, supported by our proven training methods that ensure consistency and integrity in our audit approach.

Are you a pharma manufacturer, distributor, pharmacy or physician concerned about the illicit distribution of controlled substances?

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