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Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention Strategies

Today's retailers face unique challenges in this changing economic environment. As consumer demands drive higher levels of competition for market share, margin enhancement has become a critical component of success. In an industry where every dollar counts, inventory protection is paramount to profitability and company performance.

For more than a decade, LPI's service programs have delivered exceptional results to our clients. Our unique approach to provide clients with both a solution and a field team to execute it is the cornerstone of our success. Whether your company operates a boutique, specialty or big box environment, our programs and field team deliver both results and a positive return on your loss prevention investment.

LPI's value proposition is to provide expert solutions and professional execution coupled with a business management approach. We design and implement programs that fit your culture and operations to achieve your loss prevention goals.

The breadth and depth of our experience provides the expertise to offer solutions that work in all segments of retail. LPI can help build a comprehensive program, provide the field personnel to execute loss prevention services, and/or provide support to an existing loss prevention department. Some of our services include:

  • Developing and executing a comprehensive loss prevention program regardless of company size. Our programs include policy and program development along with the field team to execute and maintain the program.
  • Supporting existing loss prevention teams to increase their field reach, execute special programs, and/or to provide regional and nationwide support.
  • Providing specialized services such as audits, exception-based reporting analysis, inventory observations services, incident resolution and more.

See how LPI has helped retailers achieve exceptional program results through our case studies or contact us today to discuss how we can help assist your company achieve greater loss prevention performance.




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