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Mystery Shopping Programs

Enhance your Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping Programs

The quality of the interaction of your employees with your customers can mean the difference between a sale and lost revenue. Positive interaction can foster customer loyalty and increase retention rates. Negative interaction can damage revenue or brand reputation.

As the leader in loss prevention solutions, LPI understands the correlation between a positive customer experience and a successful company. Through a decade of experience observing the interaction between operational processes, employee practices, and customer behavior we have gained a unique understanding of this important balance.


"Mystery shopping helps you monitor and measure how well the staff is providing the company's vision of customer service," -

Ray Esposito, EVP at LP Innovations from the article Evaluate and Motivate Employees, Retail Merchandiser Magazine Online, November 2010


Our mystery shopping service and customer experience management programs provide the ability to monitor the quality of employee interaction through the eyes of your customers, delivering invaluable information to help you:

  • Assess the customer experience from the customer’s perspective
  • Validate the practical application of your guest service program
  • Evaluate the impact of operational practices on customer service
  • Identify training and improvement opportunities
  • Correlate customer service scores to sales
  • Analyze results by region, state and district

Customized Solutions with Real-time Results

The proper evaluation of the customer experience requires an objective review of that experience compared to the Company’s vision of guest services. Your program’s evaluation questionnaire is developed through a thorough understanding of your guest services program, its objectives and company vision. In this manner, we can ensure that each evaluation is completed in terms of your expectations of the customer’s experience.

LPI offers several customizable program features in the review and analysis of results:

  • Individual shops or evaluations include a written report with a detailed narrative of the shopper’s observations and interactions 
  • Each report is professionally edited to ensure clarity
  • Our online reporting system regularly updates results in real time
  • Clients have the opportunity to customize reports, create dashboard graphs and visuals, sort, and order data in company specific formats
  • Data can be viewed by region, district, store or shopper
  • “Hierarchy authorization” allows controlled access by user
  • Report delivery feature allows you to determine the frequency and method of delivery

LPI provides a number of services to meet the unique culture of a company and its specific objectives and goals in the evaluation of the components of the customer experience.


We can help you enhance the customer experience in your locations. Contact us to learn more.


be a mystery shopper

 Our Customer Experience Services includes:

Customer Service Visits
Purchase and Return Transaction Shops
Franchise Compliance
Brand Integrity Verification
Wholesale partner evaluations
Age Verification (tobacco and alcohol)
Regulatory Compliance (pseudoephedrine)
Loss Prevention & Integrity Shops
Entertainment and Resort Experience Audits and Evaluations
Voice and Web Experience


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