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Training and Awareness Programs

Training and Awareness

Achievement of loss prevention goals requires the assistance of every employee. Education is the first step to employee involvement. A consistent approach to awareness and the application of training on the concepts and practices of proactive loss prevention builds a strong foundation for improved performance.

LPI’s training and awareness programs are customized to fit your company culture, speak directly to each level of employee and are delivered through a variety of messaging vehicles. This approach provides a more successful program, a stronger learning environment and better loss reduction results.

Loss Prevention Training Meetings

People learn through a variety of methods. The most successful learning environments provide the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter. LPI offers “at location” training meetings to educate employees on important loss prevention topics. Each topic is developed to ensure the information is aligned with the program goals, reflects your company culture and clearly reflects your company message. LPI provides three levels of training presentations:

  • Corporate-based presentations
  • Regional/District Manager Training Sessions
  • Store-specific LP training meetings

LPI is available for loss prevention related presentations at industry conferences, franchise shows, or corporate events.


"[LPI Auditor] spoke to our managers about LP audits during a recent district meeting. All the managers enjoyed his presentation on how to better prepare for audits and handling daily paperwork. His input, industry knowledge and understanding of our company procedures was a huge benefit for getting better audit scores in our district."

- District Training Manager, Apparel Retailer

Loss Prevention Awareness Programs

The LPI awareness program provides written and visual educational material that is clear, simple and reinforces a repeatable loss prevention message.

Our awareness offerings include:

      • Awareness Center Programs

The acrylic awareness center includes awareness posters and educational newsletters that deliver information employees can implement into their daily behavior. Materials are industry specific and customized to fit your terminology and culture.

      Employee Awareness Guides

Access to educational guides help properly orientate new employees to loss prevention practices and provides more seasoned employees with new tools to improve results. Our full color New Hire Orientation kits ensure employees have  the information needed to help achieve the goals. The guides provide a clear explanation on the causes of loss and simple steps to prevention.


Business Abuse Line

Many employees are not comfortable reporting suspicious activity to their direct supervisor. Uncertainty, social pressure or a desire to remain anonymous reduce the reporting of critical information regarding theft, harassment, safety and compliance issues. Companies that provide employees with access to a staffed call center and anonymous reporting vehicle see a significant increase in their receipt of critical information. The LPI awareness program offers employee access to the Business Abuse Line.

In alliance with Ethics·Point, LPI offers our complete solution clients with a service that allows employees to use the phone or internet to anonymously report incidents to their company. A trained operator receives every call to ensure proper documentation of the information and to guide the employee through the reporting process. The operator completes a written report of the call details which is delivered via email or through the internet.



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