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Identifying Point of Sale Loss

Exception-Based Reporting Analysis


The majority of losses in a retail environment occur at the point of sale (POS). Incidents related to employee theft, error and compliance have a significant impact on losses. Early resolution and correction is vital to loss reduction. The monitoring of POS activity for exceptions and trends is an efficient manner to identify exposure to loss.


The challenges are the lack of resources and expertise necessary for effective monitoring, including the time required to shift through a significant number of transactions to locate the loss identifiers. LPI’s, data analysis team is experts in the field of POS review. Through their trained use of the industry’s leading software solutions and their experience and familiarity with a large number of retailers they can help build a results driven review program.


Our exception-based reporting program begins with a dedicated analyst that performs the regular review of your transaction data. The analyst applies his or her experience to your business operations to develop an exception model based on historical activities, transaction thresholds and exception markers that indicate theft, compliance, or training issues.


Our goal is to ensure you receive the highest return on your exception-based system investment through the effective development of its capabilities, the proper use of its functions and an analysis program that provides results. 


Are you in need of an Exception-Based Reporting application?


With our experience and knowledge of today’s exception-reporting tools we can assist with determining the best application for you and assist in determining your needs for exception-based reporting.

Not ready to commit to the purchase of an application or think you are too small for exception-based reporting? LPI in conjunction with Aspect Loss Prevention can provide your company with an exception-based reporting tool designed to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Through our alliance we can provide you with the tools and the services to ensure that your company has all the tools and talent necessary for success. Hosted solutions are also available.


Contact us to learn more about the value of using our team to meet
your exception-based reporting needs.


LPI is the only solution provider utilizing multiple exception reporting platforms for its clients.

Our experience and knowledge of various systems and platforms include:

    • Aspect Loss Prevention

    • XBR from micros-retail

    • Retail Anywhere

    • and more...


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