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Store Visibility Programs

Increase Loss Prevention Awareness with Enhanced Visibility

No successful loss prevention program can be executed without insight into what actually occurs inside your locations. This includes face-to-face, in-person time spent with store management and associates to help support your loss prevention initiatives. Time spent, in location, with loss prevention resources promotes;


  • A greater perception that loss prevention is an important part of a company's operations
  • A larger deterrance factor against theft, knowing that loss prevention resources can be on location at anytime
  • A better relationship with loss prevention, as visits provide more opportunity for awareness, training and positive re-assurance with LP resources

Our program offerings include a variety of different store visibility visits that focus on fostering relationships with your associates, verifying key procedures, validating your loss prevention initiatives, all while providing an "aura" of loss prevention.


"[LPI Professional] was very friendly and easy to work with during our visit. She explained everything as she did it and made it a very comfortable and professional experience. She is a benefit to your company and makes LPI a trustworthy company." - Asst. Manager, Sporting Goods Retailer

With a nationwide team across North America, we are often found in major retail areas on a daily basis, walking by several retailers while conducting daily business for our retail partners. We are probably walking by your locations as we visit our clients providing them with our various loss prevention services. Take advantage of our team and your team can too be benefiting from our reach.

Although we have established and proven store visit programs, the specifics of our store visibility programs are based on the needs of each client, depending on their goals and objectives.

To best discuss our approach and store visit offerings, please contact us to schedule a discussion.

Best Practice Tip:

Our most successful clients leverage our nationwide team to create a program that combines audits and store visits for greater in-store visibility and compliance!


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