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Store Audits and Visit Programs

We specialize in Audit and Store Visibility Programs



A critical component toward a successful loss prevention program is the compliance and adherence to policies and procedures by all associates. A well structured audit and store visitation program provides a company with the proper measurement of such compliance, while also increasing other key benefits pertaining to loss prevention, good operations and customer service and overall business profitability.

In today's technology world, we often rely on data to support our initiatives. Although data is a key part of the equation, industry studies along with our own results, have shown that retailers who conduct multiple onsite audits in their locations annually have a lower shrink rate or known loss than those who barely visit their locations.

Our store audit and store visit programs are designed to bring a focused approach to each purpose of our visit, customized to fit your culture, your processes and your objectives.


Why companies choose LP Innovations for their Audit or Store Visit Programs

Resources: Our nationwide proprietary team of auditors conducts audits and visits across the United States and Canada. Performing tens of thousands of audits and visits annually, we have the ability to be in-store more with less "windshield" or travel time.

Expertise: Working with specialty retailers, restaurant, grocery, pharmacy and other retail verticals, our ability to develop and conduct audits and visit programs have shown proven results in reducing loss, improving compliance and increasing overall associate awareness.

Best Practices: Every LPI client gains the benefit of a collective knowledge base of our team and our client base. Working with multiple clients in similar geographical areas or within similar verticals, we gain the ability to develop and share best practices. These practices are provided to our clients when developing or modifying audit programs and every time we visit a location.

Non-bias Results: Our auditing team is taught to score accurately and fair according to specific guidelines set forth by the client and our audit development team. As a 3rd party auditing resource, our visits often result in more accurate scores than some internal audit resources.

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