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Professional Incident Resolutions

Professional Incident Resolution


It is a fact employee theft causes upwards of 60% of all losses to a company. In addition to theft, companies face other challenging incidents such as human resources issues, complaints, and compliance violations. These sensitive issues require professional resolution.

The expertise and experience of LPI can assist your company by providing the proper procedure necessary to adequately resolve incidents of theft, HR and policy violations.

Our nationwide team is certified in the industries top interviewing technique and our internal training program ensures a thorough and professional resolution of your incidents.

The value of our team includes:

  • Certification in the Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates technique of interviewing and interrogation
  • A proprietary team, not contractors assists you in resolving your incidents
  • Nationwide presence to resolve your issues quickly and without excessive costs
  • There for you start to finish; supporting your needs throughout the entire process


Companies utilize our incident resolution services to:

  • Support an existing loss prevention function with an uncovered market or area
  • Provide increased resolution to high shrink or target markets
  • Assist an existing LP department when increased incidents occur
  • Support Human Resources teams with an unbiased approach to sensitive issues and incidents

Our incident resolution services provide our clients with a fast and professional result, reducing your losses and bringing increased profitability back to your business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can offer incident resolution services

to support your specific need and industry.

LPI Insight:

LPI uses our own proprietary nationwide team to handle incident resolution—we do not contract out these services.


Additional Services pertaining to Incident Resolution include:

Background Screening


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