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GPS Asset Tracking

The Cash-Trac device is a specifically designed for the apprehension of robbery suspects. Inserted into a standard or custom made currency pack, the device sits idle in a register drawer or safe until removed during a robbery situation. Once removed, the device activates and broadcasts a signal using GPS,cellular and RF signal technologies. These multiple network communication capabilities allow the device to be visible in variable environments as well as providing key LBS information such as speed, location and direction of travel. Alerts are provided upon activation, and through our Web Tracker Software. This software allows police dispatchers, patrol officers, monitoring centers or customers to begin tracking the signal and move toward the apprehension of the robbery suspect. Our Web Tracker software provides a visual look at the location of the device, and provides its projected cone of travel based on speed, location and direction.

To complete and confirm the identification of the suspect vehicle, stolen cash, etc. the device comes equipped with an RF handheld tracking unit that can locate the device within inches of its actual location. The detected presence of the RF signal also provides law enforcement with probable cause to immediately stop vehicles, detain suspects, and conduct personal and premise searches,thus increasing the odds of a quick and safe recovery of stolen property.




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