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GPS Tracking ORC Solution

Our GPS tracking solution focuses on Organized Retail Crime investigations and apprehension. The ORC Solution, combines powerful multilayered tracking technology with retail-specific product ,cost effective tagging solutions that:

Removes ORC surveillance obstacles, reduces investigative manpower & increases apprehensions.

GPS Tracking provides your ORC task force or loss prevention team with a “set it and forget it” solution. Easy to install and use, our ORC devices utilize real-time alerts and triggers to let you know when tagged merchandise is on the move.

GPS alone can’t get your team to a tag’s exact location so we employ our multi-layered GPS, Location-based Service and Radio Frequency technologies to guide your team to the exact location and placement of your merchandise.

Once armed and deployed, the device remains in a power conservation sleep mode until movement beyond the adjustable minimum level occurs. Activated, it emits a signal through GPS/cellular and RF frequencies sending the location, speed and direction of travel across the network. Users are immediately notified of activation and can begin to track the item via our mobile web tracker on their smartphone or our PC-based Web Tracker software.

Designed specifically to be attached to, or concealed within high theft items, our device will track and record movement of an item once activated by a minimal level of sustained movement. Easily deployed, our device provides law enforcement, loss prevention and property owners with the ability to conceal this device within a variety of packaging and track stolen property, record the illicit movement of inventory, and apprehend those suspects involved with the theft.

The Web Tracker software provides live geo-location and tracking information that can be monitored via police dispatchers, mobile devices, patrol car laptops and other internet connected devices. Once the location is identified up to approximately 100 feet, our RF handheld detector is utilized to hone in on the item, whether it is concealed in a suspect vehicle, on their person or other objects. Now your team can track, record and easily assist law enforcement in the apprehension of ORC groups on your terms.



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