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Inventory Observations and Audits

Inventory Observations and Audits

Inventory accuracy is paramount in controlling costs related to goods. Failure to have accurate controls, processes and physical counts opens your company up to inaccurate merchandising, forecasting and other financial and inventory implications. An LPI Inventory Observation and Audit Program provide your corporate management team an additional objective measurement to evaluate your stores performance.

Our programs provide a structured review of inventory procedures and completion, ensuring key steps in the accuracy as your inventory occurs. Designed to meet the specific needs of each client, our programs have been developed to support inventoried involving;

  • Perishable and non-perishable grocery goods

  • Retail Merchandise

  • Wholesale and Distribution Centers

  • Food Service and Restaurants

Our program is designed to assist your company in all aspects of your physical inventory process. Beginning with a review of how you conduct physical inventories, including preparation and readiness procedures for management and those performing the inventory, observation of actual inventory counts to verify accuracy and proper procedural compliance, and educating and increasing the awareness of your management team on proper procedures.

Conducted by our national team of retail auditors, every inventory observation and audit includes a detailed report of issues and inaccuracies to highlight any concerns along with best practices and recommendations to promote more accurate inventory results.

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