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Store Audit Programs

Store Audit Programs

An effective loss prevention program focuses on various technologies, data and initiatives to detect known losses and potential opportunities for loss. Although the use of both data and technology has increased dramatically over the years, they alone cannot effectively determine how well a store manager is running a particular location or how well store associates are adhering to policy, procedure and store operations.

That is where a store audit comes in. We believe that the store audit is the cornerstone of a great loss prevention program. An effective audit provides critical, first hand information on how;

  • An individual location is operating according to business processes
  • Associates are doing with understanding their roles and responsibilities
  • Susceptible a location is to potential loss of inventory, monies or sales
  • Management is doing with regards to operating the business unit according to plan

LP Innovations performs over ten thousand audits annually in support of our current client base. These audits are performed for various reasons, supporting retail, restaurant, pharmacy and grocery. Developed to support individual locations, distribution centers, regulatory compliance or loss reduction, every audit is created for the needs and objectives of each client. Audits can be developed individually to support specific needs or customized to support multiple needs within a single audit visit. Some of our store audit programs include;

Loss Prevention Auditing: Focused on how a location supports the prevention of loss as directed by the client and/or best practices supported by our experience and expertise. Because any location can become a high shrink or target location, LP audits are best performed in all locations, to monitor compliance to business practices and how well associates are educated on the concepts of loss prevention.

Operational Compliance Auditing: Maintaining an operationally-sound business demands consistent, accurate and thorough reviews of policies and procedures. Our compliance audits are customized to fit your specific business needs, understand your corporate culture and focus on ensuring and improving compliance, enhancing customer experiences and overall store improvement.

Regulatory Compliance Auditing: Certain retailers are required to run their business as it pertains to specific federal, state or local laws and regulations. These regulations can bring complexity to your business along with certain fines and losses if not followed properly.  LPI supports a variety of regulatory compliance audits involving age verification for tobacco and alcohol, food safety audits and pharmacy auditing pertaining to controlled substance and DEA regulations.



Contact us to learn more about our various location-based store audit programs or learn about our store audit best practices at our company blog.



"[LPI Auditor] was very professional. He went above and beyond to instruct me on how to properly complete damages for our company, which I learned I was doing incorrectly because of his audit findings."

- Store Manager, Fashion Retailer

"I've always been impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of our company's store operations by [LPI Auditor]. She is truly an asset to your team."

- Operations Manager, Home Goods Retailer

"We are very happy with the store audits being conducted in our store. [LPI Auditor] takes the time to explain what is wrong, how to correct it and we work even harder to make sure it is correct for the next audit."

- Store Manager, Nationwide Apparel Retailer







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