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Franchise & Royalty Assurance Solutions

Franchise and Royalty Assurance Solutions® 

Loss prevention is a restaurant or food service environment has in itself several challenges. Franchise organizations add another layer of complexity for both franchisor and franchisee. LPI offers proactvie and effective solutions to assist franchisors, restaurant management groups, franchisees and operators in making certain food costs remain low and profitability remains in accordance to overall goals and objectives.


Franchise Loss Prevention Programs

As a franchise owner of a single location, multiple locations or a restaurant management group operating multiple banners, protecting your food cost and profits against theft and loss is critical. Unlike some corporate owned food service establishments, we understand that loss prevention may not be a rsource that you can support or afford internally. However, like these corporate entities, you still have the same issues, concerns and challenges.

LPI can offer franchise owners with a scalable loss prevention initiative that provides the key elements of a food service loss prevention program. Offering solutions that include training and educating staff, theft awareness and detection, and constructing an audit to ensure compliance are just some of our services focused in the food service environment. Our nationwise presence in the U.S. and Canada can provide with you outsourced resources without the requirements of payroll, benefits and additional internal resource costs to your business.


Royalty Assurance Solutions®

The relationship between franchisor and franchisee is based on trust. A franchisee trusts that they will receive the best training, cost structure, products and programs by the franchisor to grow their business. In turn, the franchisor trusts that the franchisee will increase sales, properly report sales and present the corporate entity with accurate information. Unfortunately, on occasion trust may become a concern.

LPI's Royalty Assurance Solutions® Program is designed to provide franchisors with piece of mind and assurance that a franchisee is not underreporting sales. Our program is centered on a 5-Step process which includes; 

- Business Control Analytics

- Establishing Benchmarks, Goals and Stretch Goals

- Candidate Development (determination of potential targets)

- Program Implementation

- Quantification of Results

Upon the conclusion of our results, the benefit of working with LPI is that we can implement proactive and responsive services to resolve existing issues and prevent future situations from happening.


Interested in learning more about how we can help franchise organizations? Contact us for a discussion.

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