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Controlling Waste in Restaurants

Controlling Waste in Restaurants

Waste is one of those "Opportunity Food Costs" that can be controlled with proper management and oversight.

The opportunity for waste exists throughout a food service operation. It can begin with product ordering and inventory accuracy. It moves into the kitchen with portion controls, spoilage prevention and proper preparation of menu items. At the front of the house, wait staff must be accurate with order taking and preventing spills or breakage. The list goes on and on and we have not even mentioned waste with condiments, paper or plating supplies and non-food related restaurant costs.We believe that controlling waste in restaurants comes down to three key areas;




Proper Procedures & Recordkeeping


A strong audit program and employee training can help your food service operation not only to properly monitor waste, but provide the right tools to help your staff reduce the likelihood of causing unnecessary waste.

Waste is a controllable cost and every restaurant loss prevention program should have components that focus on controlling waste. Compliance review of recordkeeping, policies and procedures should be part of a consistent audit program. Employee training of how waste occurs in your environment and what each employee's role is to preventing waste should be conducted regularly, making it part of their daily routine.

Our programs focus on the various elements of restaurant loss prevention, including waste control and prevention. Give us a call to talk about how we may assist you in your efforts to reduce waste and build a solid loss prevention program. Don't waste your opportunity to become more profitable.


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