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Forever21 Shows Balance and Teamwork with Outsourcing

Forever21 Case Study



While Forever21's internal loss prevention team successfully supported certain components of their program, they found themselves stretched to complete crucial investigations nationwide.


In an effort to balance the overall focus of the internal team while also supporting the needs of its stores, Forever21 partnered with LP Innovations (LPI) to provide nationwide employee theft resolution services.

"The team has a huge territory to cover. We have more than 400 stores, and do not have the manpower to cover every situation that comes up," said Thomas Vecchiarelli, Corporate Loss Prevention Manager, Forever21. "LPI allows us to hit those areas that need investigations immediately, and has freed up my existing staff to focus on other areas important to our program."

Vecchiarelli manages his LPI team as he does his existing team. "My internal team and the team provided by LPI are connected," said Vecchiarelli. "I make the decision on who conducts an investigation based simply on logistics. Whoever can get there in a reasonable amount of time is the one who goes. And the quality and professionalism of the investigations is what I would expect of my own team."

For example, an LPI representative recently visited a Forever 21 location in California to investigate what appeared to be a small-dollar investigation. However, in only a matter of a few hours, the LPI RLPM closed the case with over $20,000.00 in admissions from two employees.


"There has been a significant decrease in shrink since partnering with LP Innovations," said Vecchiarelli.  "We've also seen a significant increase in our restitution dollars."

"At the end of the day, the goal is to reduce the shrink, which we have done successfully," said Vecchiarelli. "LP Innovations is able to support my team without them feeling threatened. It is possible to balance both an internal team and an outsourced partner and get positive results."


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